The Burning of Brenham 

RB Film Productions

Howdy Mr. Burger!
When I read that you, your family, company and crew were coming into our area to film a

movie about our beloved Brenham and area, I was ecstatic!  Woohoo and again... Woohoo!
First of all, I was excited to see that you were coming to Brenham to film a movie

based on a local Author's book and a bit about our history, but I was elated to read

that the train, Leviathan, was going to be featured in this movie as well.  I literally had

chills run up and down my arms and tears well up in my eyes when I read the story.  
You see, I'm not only a proud Native of Brenham, Texas, but I have written a series of

children's books based on two eleven-year-old friends from Brenham and they travel

across America on none other than the Leviathan 63!   My first thoughts after reading

the article about you coming to Brenham to film and be a part of central Texas were...

I get to see Leviathan 63 and meet folks who are interested in my hometown and area! 

I felt a bit of divinity was in the air, yes, indeed!  

Here is a little caption about the book series below....

In the “Back to the Basics with Aydan & Addy” series of books, there is a deep concern about the moral compass of today’s youth. Abraham Lincoln joins other historic figures, called Spirit Mentors to assist and teach Aydan and Addy the fundamentals and basics of what America was built upon such as; having a good moral character, strong work ethics, close, loving and supportive family units, kindness, self-sufficiency, patriotism, respect of others and oneself, forgiveness and allegiances to God, fellow man, community and country, just to name a few.  The Spirit Mentors descend upon the two “chosen” eleven-year-old best friends from the small town of Brenham, Texas.  They are to guide them through a maze of current moral dilemmas plaguing America in the year 2014.  With the help of the Spirit Mentors, a supernatural moral compass, a Blue Heeler dog called “Leopard Girl”, a blessed garden hoe and a little red robin; Aydan and Addy travel across America by way of an old steam engine train, Leviathan 63.  They travel to fifty-five American cities where they will sponsor town hall meetings that will bring forth great discussions and development on what each individual can do to bring into fruition the positive changes needed to get back to the basics of America’s founding values. The best friends change the course of history for the United States of America. They were warriors in many ways. Perhaps you too can be a warrior in your own life—in your day. Allow me to start at the very beginning—this is their story, your story, America’s story…  All Aboard!

I met Mr. Kloke last year at this time when the Lincoln funeral car was on display in Springfield, Illinois for Lincoln's 150th. anniversary of his death.  I wrote to him a year prior to this meeting asking his permission to use Leviathan 63 in my book series.  He was so very kind and gave me permission to do so.  I found Leviathan 63 through my research and fell in love with this train and something inside of me just knew it was the engine for this important and life changing journey.  

I will keep my eyes peeled for when you all will be in Brenham and perhaps I could come out to meet you and hug Leviathan too!  There are 29 books in  my children's series, Back to the Basics with Aydan and Addy.  The second book comes out this summer.  I would love to be able to write into the third book about you, your company and the filming of the movie as well.  If I have your permission to do so.  I'm always adding into the plots of my future books to all bout out over the next seven years.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter to you.  Thank you for taking such an interest in our beautiful central Texas area too.  We are blessed to have you all with us this summer.  

Many blessings.

Lisa Sellers Roberts

PHOTO: Dave Pfeiffer