The Burning of Brenham 

RB Film Productions

Signing of the Book Rights to Roy Burger
​of RB Film Productions

Sharon Brass (seated left) and Roy Burger, film producer, recently signed an agreement giving Burger exclusive rights to produce a film based on Brass' book, The Burning of Brenham, and her additional research and writings on the Giddings brothers who founded the City of Giddings. Pictured with them are Jennifer Eckerman, manager of Main Street Brenham, Page Michel, president/CEO of Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and Denice Harlan, Executive Director of the Giddings Chamber of Commerce.

When I was contacted by Sharon Brass (author of the book "The Burning Of Brenham") and Jennifer Eckerman (Downtown Manager of Brenham), they were interested in talking to me about making a Historical Documentary about the early days of Brenham, Texas.  It would be shown to the tourists that visit their town.  We agreed on what they wanted and possible dates to shoot the film.  Sharon gave me a copy of her book to read for my story line.  I took it home and read it.  I could not believe the story she had written.  The first thought I had was "Feature Film".  The next meeting I asked Sharon & Jennifer how they felt about us making a Feature Film to tell their story and they were excited about the idea.  So here we are!

I want to make this film about Brenham, in Brenham, so that the people of Washington County could be a part of it.  This film also tells the story of the town of Giddings, Texas.  My good friend, Denice Harlan, Executive Director of Giddings C of C is also on our team to help with this project.

This film focuses on the Giddings Brothers.  Their accomplishments are unmatched by anyone in the development of Washington and Lee Counties, not to mention the great state of Texas.  Personally, I don't know how they accomplished so much in one life time.  

I have assembled the best in the business to crew this film.  This story has attracted a lot of interest from some of the big name actors in the Motion Picture industry.  A list will be posted here when they are confirmed.  

Thanks for your interest and support, 

Roy Burger