Upcoming movie project, "The Burning Of Brenham", is scheduled to be filmed in and around Washington & Lee Counties in 2018.  The film is to be a story based on historical events of Texas' early developmental years, focusing on the Giddings & Brenham towns, and the important men (the Giddings Brothers) who helped put both cities on the map.

Signing of the Book Rights to Roy Burger      
​for "The Burning of Brenham"

My Goal for Brenham:

​With the help of the City of Brenham,
businesses, and the people that live in
and around this area, we will make
Brenham the new film Hub of Texas. 
​ We will promote the city and the
surrounding areas for the purpose of
​filming Motion Pictures, TV Series,
Short Films, Pilots, Documentaries,
​ Commercials and Photo Shoots.

The economic impact will be very substantial to this area.  We will have to make it financially appealing to the Studios and Production Companies to come here for their projects.  One of the best ways to get their attention is to make a Blockbuster movie here and we will, The Burning of Brenham.  

We will welcoming locals to cast as extras for the movie, and will be putting that info here on the website and our facebook page when the time is right.  Thanks for your interest and support.

Your friend,
Roy Burger, Producer

Local Author, Lisa Sellers Rpberts wrote to Mr. Burger with excitement of our movie to feature the Leviathan 63 train! She featured this same historic train in her series of children's books!

Movie will be Based on the book by Sharon Brass

New Movie - Upcoming Film Production:
"The Burning Of Brenham"

The Burning of Brenham 

RB Film Productions